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The DJ Sneak Budcast

Feb 19, 2014

Sneak Vinylcast 08

Sneak is back with the Vinylcast and digs in the vaults once more to unearth the classic Flowers Mix Tape.  This one created a big buzz back in 1999 when Sneak’s good friend Armand Van Helden released the seminal track Flowerz, and is still sounding fresh 15 years later.

The Vinylcast by DJ Sneak is a real treat for House-Heads as one of the scene’s pioneers digs deep in the vaults to unearth classic mixes from a very memorable time in electronic music, this was a time when DJ’s showed their skills on vinyl and it is that raw unprocessed sound that you will experience here. This podcast series features live recordings from clubs, festivals and private events from around the world and will also have Sneak sharing some of his memories about these times. The super-exclusive mixes have been digitized from tapes held in Sneak’s archives and are now finally being released for all to enjoy. As always, expect the finest in real, raw, jacking, underground House music.