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The DJ Sneak Budcast

Feb 20, 2013

DJ Sneak - Vinylcast 03

** The Original and infamous Green Bush Mix Tape **

DJ Sneak on Vinylcast 03:
"Green Bush is the first edition to a series of mix sessions that I made when I first moved to Canada in the late 90's. The home mixes often came at the weirdest times, usually while jetlaged and always while smoking some of the best weed that Canada had to offer. The term Green Bush is in reference to the plants that I would usually smoke while mixing. These sets where often recorded on cassette, all mixed with wax so they sound very analogue. At the time that I was mixing this it was a great time in House music, sounds were fresh and I often played unreleased promos that I got shipped to my home in Toronto. I've had many people ask me about traxx from this series. This is a priceless collection that I am going to re-release during this podcast series and we start with the very first mix of them all, Green Bush 1."